Fairy Lights

Our Story

We're all about family.

Lions in the wild run with their families, their prides. They're fierce protectors, bountiful providers and leaders in the Animal Kingdom. I am a lion.


We are Lion Heart


It began as a Sunday afternoon conversation with my wife, at the time convincing me that I could do this. She opened her mouth and those three words came out "Lion Heart Floors" and I saw the vision. I thought to myself "maybe I can do this". Despite my doubts it was happening regardless. She had it all envisioned in her mind's eye and she believed in me with every fiber of her being. She was going to get me out of my own way one way or another.

In the years since pursuing this dream of opening a flooring store we have cried, sweat, bled and admittedly almost quit a few times. Business ownership is not for the faint of heart. But we didn't give up, we persevered. Even when it felt like the world was crashing down all around us we showed what our Lion Hearts were made of.

We have experienced some of the most significant challenges in our lives since opening our doors in 2019 but here we are in 2021 still kicking. We owe it to our children to succeed, we owe it to our community to use our platform as business leaders to make a difference and give back.

We are here because of support from our families, our friends and this unbelievable community that we planted roots in. The South Lake Chamber of Commerce has played such a huge role in our success and what felt like our survival over these last few years and we could not be any more humbled and grateful.


We are very vested in our South Lake community and take pride in giving back. We are honored to have been a part of the Benefit Breakfast for Officer Flores who was injured in the line of duty as well as Mascotte Love during which we aimed to bring the community and local first responders together. This was a time during which there was much division between citizens and law enforcement nationally. We have big visions for the future and invite you to join us along through our journey. We won't quit, it's not in us. "Jess and I both took a giant leap of faith when we started Lion Heart, but in the process we found out we could fly".



Thank you for supporting our small business,

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Meet Kyle

Kyle is co-owner and co-founder of Lion Heart Floors with his wife Jesenia. Born in Staten Island, New York and raised between there and Manassas, Virginia, Kyle didn't graduate from high school, He was different, he never fit that mold. 

A natural-born entrepreneur, with a heart of gold. Anyone who has met Kyle personally will tell you that they have never met a more genuine guy. 


Having grown up in flooring, Kyle is an industry expert that has a unique advantage; he installed flooring for 14 years before becoming a store owner. His knowledge of the intricacies of the product, the installation process and business helps him make the impossible possible. 

Kyle loves the daily hustle, there isn't a single problem he can't find the answer to but he also enjoys days in the outdoors with his 4 kids, his dog and his beautiful wife, Jesenia. 


Meet Jesenia


Jesenia is co-owner and 

co-founder of Lion Heart Floors with her husband, Kyle. A big dreamer with many creative ideas and even bigger ambitions. Born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico and raised in Orlando, Florida she was taken off the beaten path when she pushed Kyle into the entrepreneur life and he pulled her right on in with him.


Jesenia was in corporate America for 15 years. Her determination and drive led her right up the corporate ladder but in 2016, she lit a fire that would burn her old life down to the ground and introduce her to a new world that she never realized she needed to know.

Between Kyle's natural skills as a salesman and problem solver and Jesenia's creativity, operational knowledge and constant flow of ideas they are the dream team. Jesenia has now become a serial entrepreneur, excited to test out all of her business ideas and watch them grow. 

Jesenia is thoroughly enjoying life making her big ideas into reality with her four amazing kiddos and chasing her life goals with the man of her dreams.